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The Questbay Group brings together a number of the world's most experienced specialists. Together, the Group's Associates offer unequalled specialist consultancy expertise in all aspects of the international travel, tourism, aviation and related industries. The Questbay Group specialises in a number of tourism project areas:

  • developing destination master plans


  • tourism capacity audits and creation of destination marketing and marketing communications plans
  • very experienced specialist advice on key tourism
  • creative marketing of destination heritage and culture


  • marketing coastal tourism products
  • tourism resort planning, development and marketing


In addition to the unequalled resource as represented by the top international specialists who comprise The Questbay Group's international tourism consultancy and project management team, related entity, Questbay Education and Tourism Services (QETS) offers its clients equal experience and expertise. QETS specialities include placing Overseas Students at all academic levels at a range of quality educational institutions in Australia and developing appropriate Education and Training programs to be delivered by Australian education entities in and around the Indian Ocean Region. QETS also offers its tourism and leisure industry clients in Australia relevant and valuable services specifically designed to effectively increase their international source market share.



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The Questbay Group
Education and Tourism Services

  Head Office: 91 Empire Avenue, City Beach, Western Australia 6015
and with Group Associates in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

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12 October 2002