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The Questbay Group's collective capabilities and range of consultancy services is directly enhanced by the top-level experience of selected international experts in their fields. These experts add considerable value to the Group's range of specialist consultancy services - and they considerably expand the collective expertise and knowledge that The Questbay Group is proudly able to offer a wide range of clients.

The Group's Senior Specialist Advisor is Mr. George E. Lipp, whose unequalled international experience greatly enhances the considerable talent of the Group's International Associates and Affiliates. [ biography | company brochure ]

The Group's Specialist Advisor (South East Asia) is Mr. A.A. Gede Rai of Bali, Indonesia. Mr.Rai recently concluded a six year term as President Director of the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) and he brings to the Group quality executive level experience and expertise gained from his 35 years in the international hospitality and tourism industry. [ biography ]

The Group's Specialist Advisor (International Marketing) is Mr Gerald E. (Jerry) Picolla, who founded Picolla Interntional in 1995 after a long career in the tourism industry, having been with the Pacific Asia Travel Assoication (PATA) for over 22 years and as one of the founders of transportation Consultants International, a publicly held travel company in the United States. [ biography ]


The Questbay Group

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Bali Will Not Be Forgotten

12 October 2002