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Questbay Education Services (QES) has the keys, contacts, knowledge and experience to open many relevant doors in all sectors of Education and Training in Australia - the Indian Ocean Region's premier destination in which to study and train.

The world-class expertise and the quality of the facilities right across Australia provide students and trainees at all levels with top-quality education and training in all study areas and QES is very well-placed to introduce Overseas Students to such worthwhile opportunities.

Utilising this expertise, QES also specialises in the delivery outside Australia of top-quality Training Courses on a wide range of topics directly relevant to the clients' needs, regardless of location.

International Training Programs

The unequalled resource that is the world-class training expertise in both the Academic and business sectors in Western Australia is the foundation on which Questbay Education Services (QES) has built its International Training programmes.

Specialising in a range of Corporate, Executive and Management programmes and in tailored short courses for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries at all development stages, QES has a clear commitment to quality delivery and to structured post-course follow-up.

Let Questbay Education Services deliver quality on your training programmes needs.

Quality Education and Training

From completing the final two years of High School at a nationally-rated Government High School in Perth, the capital city of Australia's Indian Ocean State, Western Australia, right up to completing post-Graduate Studies at one of Australia's many fine Universities in Melbourne or Sydney - or to completing specialised training at one of an impressive range of vocational or professional institutions, Australia offers its Overseas Students a quality learning experience.
In addition, each Australian State now offers a range of excellent international-level study opportunities in English Language Skills and related subjects and some of the world's finest Vocational and Education Training institutes in all Australian States - further quality learning experience Down Under.

The lasting value of this experience is greatly enhanced by the true quality of Australia as a clean, safe and friendly destination to visit and to study and train in. From the miles of Indian Ocean beaches in Western Australia across this vast sub-continent with its Red Centre to the Pacific Ocean Coast and the large eastern cities, Australia is THE destination for further studies and training.

Post- Study Migration

And for those whose career path might encourage them to pursue employment opportunities in Australia, following at least one year of full-time study at an Australian educational institution, new migration opportunities leading to Permanent Residence are now offered. QES' affiliate, Questbay Migration Services is your key to that bonus opportunity.

Please contact Questbay Education Services (QES) now to benefit from the many excellent opportunities offered through QES for Study and Training in Australia - and also through QES' International Training Programmes in other countries.


Questbay Education Services

  Head Office: 91 Empire Avenue, City Beach, Western Australia 6015
and with Group Associates in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

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